Tanzania and Kilimanjaro climb

September 14th, 2010 by widsix

In 2008 I went with my younger sister Madi, and our friend Emmy to Tanzania to volunteer at an orphanage for AIDS abandoned children called Make A Difference. After Volunteering in Cambodia I felt that my life was not fulfilled unless I was volunteering my time to help children living in poverty. Before we left for Tanzania the three of us did a ton of fundraising by selling jewelry that was made by the kids in Tanzania and sent to us in Sun Valley Idaho. We also started the first annual climb for the kids, a fund raising letter campaign which informed people that if they donated enough money, the three of us would climb Kilimanjaro in order to support the children. At the end of the event we were able to put 29 orphans through private school, feed, cloth, shelter and supply them with enough water for a year. After all the fundraising the three of us spent 3 weeks in Tanzania. The first two weeks were spent at the Orphanage at the base of Kilimanjaro working with the children. Most of the orphans had been abandoned because their parents had died from AIDS and others were rescued from extremely abusive situations. We helped them with their English, reading, and math and also had the opportunity to spend quality time with all of the children in an environment where kids can be kids and not worry about the stresses in the world around them. We also re- painted a public school, and put on an AIDS awareness event, where over 200 people came to be educated on the disease and its effects. Also before we climbed Kili we were able to go on a two-day safari.  After the Safari we embarked on our 7-day climb up the famed Kilimanjaro. We had great weather the entire way, and out of all the other groups of people that were summating with us, we made it to the top first summating at 6 AM just in time to watch the sun rise. It felt so rewarding to be able to climb Kili with our special goal in mind. Because of our efforts 29 children’s lives were changed. I have never had a better feeling than that before in my life.  After the climb we hopped on a plane back to our special home in the mountains of Idaho …

All of the kids plus the 3 of us in front of Make A Difference in Tanzania.

Wildebeests standing in front of hundreds of flamingos. One of the many things we saw on our Safari.

We also saw some hippos chilling in a pond.

Some lion cubs playing with a stick by the water hole.

The three of us about halfway up Kilimanjaro. Madi, me and Emmy.

One of our campsites over looking the Tanzania side of Kili.

The glacier at the top with the shadow of Kilimanjaro hovering over it.

Emmy and Madi with a few of the porters almost to the top.

Madi, Emmy, myself and a few of the porters holding the Make A Difference sign at the SUMMIT!!!

Another shot of Kili’s shadow over Tanzania.

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